Budget management software Real-Time Visibility for Budget-Informed Decisions

Procurify budget management software transforms budgeting from reactive guesswork to data-informed decision-making. Allocate resources strategically with real-time budget visibility on desktop and mobile.

Real-Time Budget Visibility

Promote budget discipline with real-time insights

Stop waiting until month end; gain real-time visibility into your budget. Managers can easily see the potential impact of a purchase or expense on their budget, as well as insight into pending purchases and beyond.

  • Regularly review your spend and identify areas where you may be overspending or underperforming
  • Immediately reallocate resources and prioritize projects based on your budget
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings with instant access to your spend history
  • Proactively identify misspending and take corrective action before rogue spending happens
  • Understand exactly how much you’ve spent with insights into what’s been committed, approved, purchased, and billed

Comprehensive and Configurable Reports

User-friendly budget and reporting views

Procurify’s budgets and reporting are simple to set up, maintain, and understand. Easily onboard team members and empower budget holders to manage their spend in real time.

  • Create stronger financial plans for your organization, including financial goals and optimized resource allocation
  • Track expenses and identify discrepancies with easy-to-understand expense reports
  • Monitor cash flow and ensure you have sufficient funds to meet financial obligations
  • Leverage data to drive strategic discussions at the leadership level

Flexible Budget Configuration

Configure budgets your way

Set up your budgets to align with your operations and ensure you have the resources and funding needed to support your goals.

  • Create custom budget categories based on departments, account codes, or a combination of both
  • Budgeting by project allows your organization to allocate resources to specific projects to ensure their success
  • Granular reporting permissions give the right people access to the insights they need to make data-informed decisions
  • Quickly and easily adjust your budgets to reflect changing priorities or goals

Take control of spend now

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