Spend management for manufacturing companies

Leading manufacturing organizations choose Procurify to help manage and improve their spending. Discover our intuitive spend management solution for the manufacturing sector.

Unprecedented visibility and control over all business spend

Real-time budget tracking

Manage all budgets in real time, from one unified platform. See how much budget you’ve already spent and know exactly what’s left before approving the next request.

  • Set up budgets based on programs, locations, projects, and more
  • See how purchases impact a specific budget before approving
  • Review real-time graphs that show actual over-committed spending

Visible and compliant audit logs

Meet compliance standards and remain prepared for audits. Capture conversation, view purchasing trends, and analyze all spending from a single, unified platform.

  • View the full history of every transaction, including requests, approvals, comments, and supporting documents
  • Access spend analytics by user, departments, projects, or vendors
  • Easily export reliable, time-stamped digital records to internal and external auditors
  • View up-to-the-minute budget performance by department, location, project, and account code

Configurable purchasing workflows

Track and analyze every stage of your purchasing journey. Easily request purchases, notify approvers, build purchase orders, receive items, and reconcile payments with Procurify.

  • Designate purchasing permissions and personalize how you manage workflows
  • Consolidate orders for specific vendors and adjust as needed
  • Conduct two or three-way matches and confidently pay invoices from Procurify
  • PunchOuts with Grainger and more streamline purchasing from preferred suppliers

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