Procurify NetSuite Integration

Take NetSuite Procurement to the Next Level

Add flexibility and agility to your purchasing and accounts payable workflows — all while reducing complexity — with Procurify’s configurable, user-friendly NetSuite integration.

Make critical workflows more user friendly

Procurify integrates with the most critical parts of your organization’s purchasing and accounts payable workflows, improving financial accuracy, efficiency, and compliance between your most important financial systems.

Integration Overview

Seamless data flow between systems

Complete your most critical purchasing and invoicing processes in Procurify and push the completed financial data into NetSuite. Spend less time updating data across multiple platforms. Do everything from procure-to-pay directly within Procurify to simplify three-way matching, or manage your accounts payable in NetSuite with seamless data flows between the systems.

Robust syncing capabilities for reliable, up-to-date data

Seamlessly sync account codes, purchase orders, item receipts, vendors, inventory items, and bills across systems.

  • Automatically sync purchasing data such as purchase orders, item receipts, and approved bills into NetSuite
  • Edited purchase orders and modified receipt logs will be automatically synced into NetSuite
  • Easily push records such as account codes and vendors into Procurify – on a line-by-line basis or on a schedule
  • NetSuite’s syncing allows flexible scheduling, with syncs to be set up every 15 mins, 1 hour, 24 hours, or on demand
  • Sync inventory items from NetSuite into Procurify’s catalog
  • An error resolution log gives your team the autonomy to resolve syncing issues

Software that’s easy to adopt and easier to use

Procurify’s user-friendly interface and simple end-user onboarding gives your organization a centralized system to ensure all spend is approved beforehand. Employees can request the goods they need in minutes with an easy-to-use procure-to-pay system on desktop and mobile.

  • Simple video-based training modules help users easily onboard
  • Our full-function mobile app helps reduce average approval times from days to minutes
  • An intuitive accounts payable functionality syncs bills directly into NetSuite
  • After integration setup, Procurify is simple to manage – no need to hire a consultant to make changes to users or approval routings

Scale your organization without scaling the cost

Reduce the number of NetSuite licenses required by having your team work directly out of Procurify. Granular permissions give you full control over all your business spend.

  • Easily create new users, configure roles, and set granular access rights
  • Benefit from more cost-efficient user pricing as your organization scales
  • Attachment storage in Procurify is free, unlike NetSuite which can vary in costs for your organization

Procurify supports multi-subsidiary organizations

Procurify and our NetSuite integration are built to scale with your organization. Whether you have a single location or multiple locations globally, Procurify can handle the capabilities required to support you. Our team will help you evaluate the best way to set up your NetSuite integrations.

Streamline three-way matching in Procurify

Completing a three-way match is one of the most important tasks for your accounts payable team. With our Procurify to NetSuite Bill Sync feature, you can match your packing slip or purchase request, purchase order, and invoice directly in Procurify. Once the three-way match has been completed, you can push the approved bill into NetSuite for your own records.

  • Simple to set up and manage without the assistance of costly consultants
  • Make changes to your bill mapping instantly
  • Set up bill approval routings based on the conditions your organization specifies
  • Routing conditions can include a bill's dollar amount, item variance percentage, and item variance by dollar amount

World-class integration setup support

Procurify’s Implementation Team partners directly with your NetSuite administrator or consulting team to seamlessly integrate platforms, quickly implement controls and workflows, and onboard your entire organization.

  • Our Solution Consultants work with you during the initial sales call to scope the project and provide guidelines and timelines
  • During onboarding, a dedicated Implementation Manager and Technical Account Manager work with you to understand your processes and identify areas for efficiency improvements
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager ensures your organization receives hands-on support
  • Procurify provides a robust knowledge base and 24/5 technical support

Take control of spend now

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