Spend management for cannabis companies

Procurify enables cannabis companies to be more accountable, track their organizational spending and unlock more revenue.

We work with your seed-to-sale software to drive more spend control

Real-time budget tracking

Manage your budgets in real time, from one unified platform. See how much of your budget you’ve spent and what’s left before approving the next request, without waiting for month-end reconciliation.

  • Set up budgets based on programs, locations, projects, and more
  • See how purchases impact a specific budget before approving
  • Review real-time graphs that show over-committed spending

Quick and easy approval workflows

Build easily configurable spend approval workflows with our intuitive interface and gain full visibility into actual spend, not just forecasted spend.

  • Create multi-level approval flows that are unique to your organization’s requirements
  • Set approvals by dollar thresholds, users, departments, locations, account codes, and even custom fields
  • Improve turnaround times with push notifications to mobile, email, and Slack

Close your books accurately and on time

Increase the speed, accuracy, and visibility of your vendor payments by managing everything from procure to pay with Procurify.

  • Streamline AP invoice processing with automation tools that save time and increase data accuracy
  • Speed up the reconciliation of two- and three-way matching and ensure vendors get paid accurately and on time
  • Pay approved bills directly in Procurify to complete the procure-to-pay process, or pay them in your payment system of choice

Discover the power of Intelligent Spend Management

Explore the Procurify platform, and learn why it’s rated the #1 purchasing software by G2.