Purchasing System More Efficient Purchasing, Integrated with Finance

Procurify purchasing system streamlines your purchasing process for efficient, budget-informed spend and end-to-end visibility for the entire organization – including your Accounts Payable team.

Centralized processes promote responsible spend

Unstructured procurement practices lead to inefficient, error-prone manual work, significant delays, and rogue spending. Procurify purchasing management software standardizes your purchasing process to give your entire organization better visibility and control into business spend. Empower stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, and create scalable workflows that save time and resources — and ultimately promote more responsible spend.

Purchase Order Management

Create purchase orders in seconds

Quickly create purchase orders while unlocking shipping and vendor discounts. Centralize documentation from purchase requisition to receipt, for more efficient, reliable processes.

  • Create and send purchase orders to your vendors in seconds, manage recurring POs, and leverage automation tools
  • Store PO and vendor information in a single place and easily view history on both desktop and mobile
  • Gain full visibility into request and approval details before creating a PO
  • Reduce paperwork and shipping costs by combining requested goods from the same vendor into a single PO
  • Customize your purchase order form to include important information such as legal disclaimers or terms and conditions
  • Generate Automatic Purchase Orders the moment a request is approved, for an instant PO number or to support recordkeeping
  • Use Blanket Purchase Orders to make multiple purchases against a single PO when specific details of future purchases may be unknown

Vendor Management

Build strategic relationships with vendors

Decrease the time it takes to place orders and improve the quality of POs you send to vendors with key efficiency features and automation tools.

  • Set up catalogs and bundles of pre-approved or frequently ordered products so you can negotiate preferred rates
  • Centralize vendor information such as point of contact, address, and payment terms
  • Leverage tools to auto-generate or auto-populate POs, and automatically email them to vendors
  • Manage your vendors in one place and know if their goods were received
  • Empower your team to accelerate purchasing workflows with PunchOut technology


Streamline payment with instant receipt notifications

Empower your entire team to track item receipt on web and mobile. Mark items as received and instantly notify the initial requester and your AP team.

  • Understand the 3Ws for every purchase at a glance: what was delivered, who received it, and when
  • Easily snap a picture of your packing slip and attach it to an order from your phone
  • Mark items as "pass" or "fail," ensuring your AP team doesn’t pay for faulty, damaged, or incorrect items
  • Mark non-tangible services as automatically received during the PO creation stage
  • Send updates and clarify details with stakeholders with Procurify’s in-app chat

Reporting and Insights

Reliable purchasing data for more strategic decisions

Gather the data you need to promote responsible spend and budget discipline. Empower your procurement team through data-backed reporting and measurable improvements to profitability.

  • Access the breakdown of company spending by your users, departments, and vendors
  • User-friendly data visualizations and reports easily show who is spending on what, and why
  • Use comprehensive and consolidated vendor data to unlock discounts


Streamline payment with integrated purchasing

Save time and streamline workflows with seamless integrations with your ERP, accounting systems, and favorite tools. Eliminate error-prone manual work by syncing data between your purchasing, finance, and communication workflows.

  • Procurify’s accounting integrations ensure that your most important purchasing and financial data is synced with your accounting system
  • Complete your three-way match in Procurify or export your data at the procurement stage to manage accounting in your existing system
  • Work with Procurify’s implementation team to ensure integrations are set up to unlock efficiency improvements for your organization

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