Why Procurify

Spend Transformation

Procurify helps organizations gain a competitive edge by transforming spend management from a reactive cost center to a proactive, profit-driving function. Beyond process optimization, spend data can drive strategic discussions that directly influence organizational growth and financial health.

Maximize return on spend

By bringing more spend under management, our customers capture reliable spend data that can be used to proactively minimize rogue spend and rework — and ultimately save them precious time and money.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

Improve your bottom line with real-time spend insights

Connect the dots between purchasing and finance for actionable insights that help you optimize resource allocation and empower leadership to understand the “why” behind spend.

  • Understand budgets from different perspectives (department vs category, committed vs spent)
  • Benchmark your purchasing data against company performance to discover growth opportunities
  • Leverage data to negotiate with preferred vendors and unlock savings

Policy and Compliance

Enforce responsible spend with predictable workflows

Ensure compliance with internal policies and external audit requirements with clear approval workflows. Procurify integrates your procurement function with financial data to centralize documentation and communication around every purchase decision.

  • Structured approvals for every user across different teams, departments, and locations
  • Audit-approved records tell the story behind every transaction
  • Predictable and standardized workflows from Request & Approve and Purchase & Receive to Invoicing & Payments

Speed and Agility

Speed up purchase cycle times

Predictable workflows, real-time spend insights, and centralized communication help improve the quality and speed of deployment for the products and services you need.

  • Go beyond spend approvals by categorizing spend at the requisition step – while bringing approval times to under one hour
  • Combine purchasing with account codes to give managers visibility into how purchase requests will affect budget
  • Automate time-intensive and error-prone manual processes between purchasing and accounts payable

Flexibility and Scalability

Enrich your accounting and ERP system data

Procurify integrates seamlessly with your accounting system or ERP to automate data workflows between finance and procurement. An integrated purchasing and finance process means people are making budget-informed decisions.

  • Enrich your accounting systems with reliable purchase data and more context around invoices
  • Identify discrepancies and streamline bill payments with automated three-way matching
  • Accelerate data flows between disparate systems with key integrations and APIs

Take control of spend now

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