Atlantech Shaved Thousands of Hours Off Procurement Processes

Atlantech Online is a leading telecom provider based in the DMV area in the United States that focuses on providing telephone, internet, and data center services to business and government organizations. In order to effectively support customers and their evolving networks, Atlantech’s 60-person team has had to evolve and make operational choices to scale and grow effectively.

Silver Spring, MD

The challenges

One of Atlantech’s most recent challenges was realizing just how detrimental manual entry was to their procurement processes and general operations.

  • Manual processes: Atlantech’s processes included manually typing orders into a spreadsheet, which could only be accessed by a single user at a time.
  • Time wasted: Data entry was bogging down processes and resulting in hours of additional work, with information needing to be manually transcribed from one spreadsheet or system to the next.
  • Human error: Largely manual processes lent themselves to human error; typos and redundancies made reporting unreliable.

The solution

When Atlantech started to evaluate solutions to help automate their procurement processes, they found that most software was either too expensive or needed to be deployed on-premise. Eventually, their research led them to Procurify, which offered a cloud-based approach to centralizing their spend data at scale.

  • Quick implementation and onboarding: With the help of a dedicated support team, Atlantech was able to roll out Procurify effectively in a matter of weeks.
  • Finance and procurement, integrated: Procurify integrates seamlessly with Atlantech's financial system of record QuickBooks, streamlining processes and saving hours of redundant manual data entry.
  • Improved spend visibility and control: Custom permissions and approval routing gave Ed confidence that purchasers and approvers were in full alignment. Procurify’s mobile app enables Ed to oversee requests and make critical spend decisions on the go.


In the telecom industry, reliability and speed are non-negotiable. With a reliable procurement and spend management partner, Atlantech is set to continue to deliver uncompromisingly fast and uninterrupted service to their customers. Learn how Procurify can bring your organization:

  • Process automation and structured approvals for every user across different teams, departments, and locations
  • Seamless integrations with your current fintech ecosystem, to unlock value in data, save time, and streamline workflows
  • Complete visibility and control over your end-to-end procurement process — all from your phone — with Procurify's mobile app for iOS and Android